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EDITION 3 - 2023


The organizing association RUN IN PIC SAINT LOUP, located place de la mairie 34380 SAINT JEAN DE BUEGES, telephone: 06 08 53 89 66 email: organizes the 3rd edition of the "NATURE MARATHON MAN" on Saturday 02 and Sunday December 03, 2023.

The event includes a marathon event, a half-marathon, a 10 km, a relay event of 2 to 4 runners and an Aesio Mutuelle health walk and children's races.

Registration for the event implies express and unreserved acceptance of these rules.


Article 2: THE COURSES

The marathon course is 42.195 km (486 D+)

The course of the half-marathon is 24 km (304 D+)

The 10 km course is 10 km (78 D+)

The relay marathon course of 2 to 4 runners is divided into 4 parts whose distances are:

- 1st relay: 11 km  (164 D+)

- 2nd relay: 10 km (149 D+)

- 3rd relay: 11 km  (132 D+)

- 4th relay: 10 km (41 D+)

Please note that transport is not provided by the organization, but by the torchbearers themselves.

The course of the "Aesio Mutuelle" health walk is 10 km, with  timing, without classification.

The children's races are run on a closed circuit, according to the regulatory distances of the FFA and subject to sanitary conditions.

They are open to all categories up to the minimum, with distances in accordance with FFA regulations, and they are not timed.


Article 3: COVID PROTOCOL (if in force on D-Day)

Awaiting health instructions at the time of the event.

Appointment of a covid referent who will be responsible for enforcing anti-covid measures within the race grounds.


Disinfection of all places in contact with people;

Departure-arrival area called "Bubble": Wearing a mask is compulsory (volunteers, participants, etc.) Entry lock with a volunteer who checks the pass, wearing a mask, hydroalcoholic gel distributed at the entrance.

Traffic in the area according to a one-way and arrowed circuit.

Access to La Bulle: reserved for runners



PARKING: Several access points with clear signage (e.g. parking exit, path between parking lot and Departure, etc.) Reminder of the covid measures to be observed, Wearing a mask recommended.




  • Mandatory mask wearing (volunteers, participants and service providers);

  • No paper document accepted (medical certificate and license) only dematerialized documents are accepted and processed upstream of the event

  • Full registrations accepted only (runners information, payment and medical certificate or license)

  • Implementation of a one-way circuit with markings on the ground to respect the distancing measures

  • Hydroalcoholic gel distributed at the entrance

  • Access in limited numbers (only runners will be accepted)




Wearing a mask is mandatory until crossing the start line and, upon arrival, as soon as the finish line is crossed;





Volunteer present at the entrance for the provision of hydroalcoholic gel for all, mounted on the podium while respecting the distancing measures. Elected officials and partners will be able to greet the winner but no hug or handshake will be possible.


ADAPTED COMMUNICATION FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS • Briefing sent to participants by email • Adapted and targeted communication on social networks • Mandatory equipment imposed on participants: Personal cup for refreshments and individual bottles Personal mask • Adapted signage • Microphone announcements from facilitators Briefing sent to participants volunteers • Provision of hydroalcoholic gel and masks for all volunteers.



Registrations can be done:

  • • on line :www.3wsport.comuntil Friday, December 01, 2023 at 8 p.m.

  • • at the start village: Saturday December 2, 2023 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday December 3, 2023 from 7 a.m. on site on the day of the event, subject to availability.



Registration for the marathon is open to participants belonging to the hopeful, senior and master categories, i.e. from the age of 20.

Registration for the half-marathon is open to participants belonging to the junior, hopeful, senior and master categories, i.e. from the age of 18.

Registration for the 10 km is open to participants belonging to the cadet, junior, hopeful, senior and master categories, i.e. from the age of 16.

Registration for the relay marathon is open to participants belonging to the cadet, junior, hopeful, senior and master categories, i.e. from the age of 16.

Registration for the "Aesio Mutuelle" health walk is open to participants belonging to the cadet, junior, hopeful, senior and master categories, i.e. from the age of 16.

Registration for children's races is open to all "children" categories: from minimal to baby athletics.


Article 6: PRICES

See “register” tab on the NATURE MARATHON MAN website.



Participation is subject to the obligatory presentation by the participants to the organizer of:

• license issued by the FFA valid on the date of the event, or sports license issued by a solely approved federation on which must appear by all means the non-contraindication to the practice of competitive sport, athletics in competition or running in competition. (Please note, licenses issued by the FFA: health, supervision and discovery are not accepted).

• or a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of athletics or running in competition, or a copy of it less than one year old, written in French or a translation must be provided.

No other document can be accepted to attest to the possession of the medical certificate.



Bibs are to be collected at the start village:

- Saturday, December 2 from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

- Sunday, December 3 from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. starting time of the runners. (900m from the starting point)



For participants who so wish, cancellation insurance is offered when registering for the marathon and half-marathon, the option must be taken out before confirming the order.

This option, for an amount of €7 for the half-marathon and €10 for the marathon, allows you, on presentation of valid proof (medical certificate type) sent before November 23, 2023, to be reimbursed for all or part of your bib, according to the conditions established by the insurer.


Article 10: SECURITY

Road safety is ensured by the organization and the municipal police services and a road safety company equipped with a radio communication system.

Safety is everyone's business, and in particular the runners who are the primary guarantors of their own safety, by respecting the instructions. They must start with the PC Course number: in their charged mobile phone.



Time barriers are set on the marathon distance for a maximum duration of:

2h30 at km 14.5 (marathon/semi bifurcation) which will allow you to switch to the semi.

5:15 a.m. at km 32 (Lauret relay) for participants in the individual marathon and relay.

6:30 a.m. on arrival.

As a safety measure and for reasons of reopening to car traffic, they will be considered disqualified. After the passage of the end-of-race vehicle, competitors must comply with the traffic rules defined by the Highway Code. If a participant declared "out of time" decides despite everything to reach the finish by his own means, or to continue on the course, he does so under his own responsibility, independently, in compliance with the highway code. He must also return his bib to the officials of the organization.

Any runner who wishes to abandon must report to a first aid station or a medical tent, or a refreshment station. The vehicle signaling the end of the race will take him back to the finish. He will also have to return his bib to the officials of the organization.

All participants acknowledge having been informed that they are no longer covered by the Organizers once they have been excluded from the race.



The podiums will take place on site at the end of the events (see program tab).

Rewards will be offered to the first three runners in the male and female scratch classification, 10km, half-marathon, marathon.

Prizes will be offered to the first three men's relays, the first three women's relays and the first three mixed relays.

Finally, will be rewarded the first of each category (male and female) of the classification of the marathon, the half-marathon, and the 10 km

The finishers of the marathon, the half marathon, the 10km, the "Aésio Mutuelle" health walk and the relays will receive a finisher medal.

  The prices cannot be combined. The runner will benefit from the most advantageous reward of those to which the classifications will entitle him.


The organization cannot be held responsible for thefts, losses, accidents or failures due to poor health or non-compliance with the rules of the race. The participants and their dependents agree not to take legal action against the organization in the event of an accident, the runners and runners accepting the risk inherent in the practice of running outside the stadium.

Article 14: HIGHWAY CODE

Participants agree to respect the highway code.



Motorized vehicles, followers or companions are strictly prohibited on the course, except for organisation, safety, health and necessary vehicles for the relay. Any runner who is assisted by this type of means is liable to disqualification and disqualification.


Article 16: INSURANCE

The “NMM” benefits from insurance covering the event and the resulting risks for the organization, the volunteers, the employees and the participants with the company ALLIANZ.

We remind you of the interest of taking out personal insurance covering the bodily injury to which sports practice may expose you.



All participants will be given an electronic chip when picking up their bibs. The electronic detection system is selected according to strict reliability criteria. Despite the tests carried out by the manufacturers, there is still a very low percentage of non-detection. The absence of data resulting from this non-detection will not allow the organizer to include the official or real time of the participant concerned in the classification. He cannot be held responsible for this.

Relay runners must pass on the bib with the chip each time the relay passes.

The runners cannot engage the responsibility of the organization in the event of mishandling of the bib leading to non-detection of the electronic chip.


Article 18: RELIEF

The organization puts in place a rescue organization plan including doctors, ambulances, fixed and mobile aid stations, signallers, openers and closers.

The medical service is provided by an approved association.

The participant must immediately withdraw from the competition if ordered to do so by a member of the official medical service.

Runners are advised to have a form specifying the medical treatment in progress and the contraindications.


Article 19: SUPPLIES

The marathon includes 7 liquid and solid refreshments (salty and sweet) at km; 5.6, 11, 16,  21, 26.3, 32 and 37.5 and a country buffet at the finish.

The half marathon (24km) includes 3   liquid and solid supplies (salty and sweet) at km 5.6, 11, 19.5 and a country buffet at the finish.

The 10 km and the "Aesio Mutuelle" walk includes 1 solid and liquid supply (salty and sweet) at km 5.5 and a country buffet on arrival.

Beer offered to all on arrival.



The organization reserves the right to modify at any time the route, the locations of the aid and refueling stations, without notice, as soon as the necessity and/or the security so requires.



In the event of force majeure or a ban from the Prefecture, the organization reserves the right to stop or cancel the event. No refunds will be made.



The information collected is subject to computer processing intended for the organization and promotion of the Nature MarathonMan. In accordance with the Law "Informatique et Libertés" of January 6, 1978 amended in 2004, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you, which you can exercise by contacting: RUN IN PIC SAINT LOUP, located at place de la mairie 34380 SAINT JEAN DE BUEGES, telephone: 06 08 53 89 66 email:

  You can also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of data concerning you.


Article 23: IMAGE RIGHTS

Image rights: the participant expressly authorizes the organizer, the sponsors, the partners and the media to use the fixed or audiovisual images on which he could appear, collectively or individually, including for advertising and/or commercial purposes, without compensation of any kind.

Images of the event: Any communication of still images and / or filmed sequences of the event captured by the participant during his participation in the event must be limited to personal use and can in no case be used for promotional or commercial purposes outside the event.



Riders are likely to pass an anti-doping test. Participants undertake to strictly comply with the prohibition of doping as well as the provisions concerning anti-doping controls, as they result from the laws and regulations in force, in particular articles L.230-1 and following of the Sports Code. .



A locker area will be available to competitors in the Start Village. Competitors can deposit their belongings there and pick them up as soon as they finish their race.

However, the organizer declines all responsibility in the event of damage (in particular in the event of theft, breakage, loss, etc.) suffered by the personal belongings of the participants and deposited at the deposit.


Article 26: COMPLAINT

Any complaint arising from the event must be made in writing, stating the participant's surname, first name and bib number, addressed to the Organiser's headquarters.

In the event of a dispute, the parties agree that the court of Montpellier has territorial jurisdiction.

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